Here’s What “Free-Range” Really Means for Laying Hens

The food industry apparently gets a big kick out of confusing consumers, and nowhere is this more true than in egg labeling. Okay, we know that nobody is intentionally making labels difficult to read (well, we hope they’re not, anyway). Yet the massive amounts of...

A Day in the Life of a Happy Chicken

Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there. I was tracking a beetle. There’s so much to experience in the great outdoors that I occasionally get distracted, even when faced with such fascinating company as yours. But now let me turn my attention to you. You see, I’d like to tell...

Here’s What You Need to Know about Cage-Free and Free-Range Eggs

Close your eyes and imagine this. You’re standing in the egg aisle in the grocery store. In your hands, you’re holding two different egg cartons. Both are emblazoned with bright colors. Both are stamped with images of happy chickens. Both promise to be better for...

An Egg-ducation

An Egg-ducation: What Is the Difference between Free-Range, Cage, and Barn Eggs?   Excellent questions, all. Today we’ll broaden your egg-ducation by discussing the differences between cage, barn, and free-range eggs. (Spoiler alert: Free-range eggs are the best...

Beyond Free-Range: What Does It Mean to Be RSPCA Approved?

In recent years, the phrase “free-range” almost seems to mean “All good to go here, folks!” But there’s just one teeny bit of problem with that. While free-range eggs, for example, do follow much higher standards than cage or barn eggs, earning a label doesn’t...

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