Happy Chicken Eggs have consumers grinning ear to ear. 

17 Aug 2018

Now this isn’t like our usual posts… But recently, famous Eurosport Journalist and Author Aaron S. Lee (pictured below) wrote an article about Happy Chicken Eggs and we just had to share!

‘Happy Chicken Eggs’ have consumers grinning ear to ear. 

Countless Australians are making the switch to cruelty-free, open-range farming solutions and healthconscious dietary choices, including Channel Ten’s ‘new’ Bondi Vet

By: Aaron S. Lee

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, one of the nation’s  most reputable farm-to-plate providers plans on helping Australian homemakers put smiles on faces each and every morning with the inclusions of Happy Chicken Eggs in their family’s daily diet.

But of course one does not have to be an early bird to enjoy HCE, a healthy, organic nutritional option throughout the week.

According to Happy Chicken Egg’s website, research shows “it’s officially okay to eat an egg every day” and that there is no link between daily egg intake and increased cholesterol. Plus, eggs are relatively low in saturated fat and provide a high-quality dose of protein as well.

A typical serving of two large Happy Chicken Eggs yields 11 grams of protein and only 1.2g of carbohydrates (0.3g of sugar). While a serving of two jumbos offers a whopping 14.4g of protein and as little as 1.5g of carbs (0.4g sugar).

“Eggs are an important source of Omega3 fatty acid for brain health,” said registered nurse, Julie Hoff, who works part-time and values her time off to make healthy meals for her active family. “Improve little minds to learn.”

Hoff says the treatment of animals is a critical component in both product quality and her purchasing decisions.

“I want to buy food in its most natural form that have not been altered or processed,” she said. “So chickens roam free in their natural environment, so the eggs are naturally more nutritious.” 

“If an animal is stressed it won’t absorb nutrients as good so the eggs won’t be as nutritious. And cages are cruel.”

Another registered nurse, and mother of two, Sharon Howlett, concurs with Hoff.

“Support free-range farmers and for the wellbeing of chickens around the world,” proclaimed Howlett, who enjoys two curried eggs on crisp bread every day for her morning tea break. “Plus there is no comparison in taste between free range and cage eggs.”

Even Dr Alex Hynes, who is all set to succeed Dr Chris Brown on Channel Ten’s hit show Bondi Vet , is a proponent both professionally and personally speaking.

“Health and wellbeing play a huge role in my life,” the Sydney-born Hynes told Happy Chicken Eggs. “People ask me where I get my energy from — I believe it comes from taking care of myself first and foremost.  

“It means I’m so much readier to then be able to devote myself to taking care of others — my family, my team at work, the sick animals in the hospital.”

Diagnosed as coeliac, ‘Dr Alex’ has had to make some substitutes in her life and has realised the importance of training daily and eating a balance and nutritious diet. 

“I had struggled with health issues several years ago,” admitted the director of Brisbane’s Animal Emergency Services and mother of one. “When I was diagnosed as coeliac, along with removing gluten from my diet it made me clean up my diet and think about what I was fuelling my body with.”

Happy Chicken Eggs claims to provide a “100-percent cage-free” environment “100 percent of the time.”

With no more than 1,500 hens per hectare on its Victorian-based farms, which first opened in the Goulburn Valley in 2008, the company provides more than six times the space required by a 2016 law stating free-range density to be under 10,000 hens per h.a.

“Australians in general are getting more interested in animal welfare,” HCE CEO Morry Wroby said. “ Their children go to school and learn about animals and understand we need to look after them. We depend on them and therefore have to treat them with respect.”

Produced without antibiotics and farmed in compliance with RSPCA higher welfare standards, “free range is just the beginning” for Happy Chicken Eggs, which hosts a funky and fun website chock full of recipes, happiness factoids, online shopping link and even a ‘chook cam’ coming soon.

“We show that we’re farming to a high standard,” explained Wroby, whose products can be found exclusively at Coles Supermarkets across Australia. “They know we have RSPCA auditing to maintain this quality.

“[Australians] can buy eggs and be confident in knowing the hens are well looked after and have no antibiotics. It costs a bit more but those who are able to will get the benefits.”

“Hens that are well looked after are less stressed,” he continued. “Happy chickens always produce better eggs … we see that, we measure that.”

  By Aaron S. Lee 

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