Why Dave Beamish Breaks his Fast with Happy Eggs. Daily.

8 Aug 2018

You might have realised by now, but we just love happy chickens’ and their incredible eggs. We asked some influencers from around the country to submit their thoughts about our amazing free-range eggs and what healthy and happy means to them.

Dave Beamish is an actor, film producer, screenwriter & blogger from Australia & NZ. Originally training as an architect, he switched to the film & media industries and has since worked on screen in feature films including iTunes’ Charlie’s Farm, Netflix & Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, and Amazon’s Thicker Than Water. Since appearing on international television in 2017 as well as in TV Week Magazine as ‘Daz’ in Australian/British favourite Neighbours, Dave has begun to push into the Canadian & US markets including as the iconic role of Sir Lancelot in Canadian/Aus. co-pro The Siege of Robin Hood. Recently starting his blog The Fasted Artist and still recognised for his musical abilities for film, Dave is carving a name for himself in the entertainment industries.

Just 3 reasons WHY I break my fasts with free range eggs. Daily .

By The Fasted Artist 


I’ll confess it. Something that not everyone does that I do. That I love.

It’s something that builds my foundation for each day AND helps me improve my body.

It’s sustainable, delicious, and never boring despite the repetition.

I eat 3-5 happy, free range eggs. Daily .

And what’s better, I break a 14-16 hour fast every day with eggs.

My name is Dave; I call myself the Fasted Artist in blog format, and here are the reasons why in blog format also, because I firmly believe these are the healthiest way to get great nutrition whilst being as ethical as I can AND hitting protein numbers I need for my next job. I’ll explain.


Reason #1 – Protein.

Our bodies need protein and we need it daily. While the numbers and science do vary on HOW MUCH a human of a particular size needs each day, the majority say that you need at least 1g of protein per kg of body weight per day. And that is why eggs become a cornerstone of a quality diet. A pre-packaged personal pocket of protein ready for you to access when ready.

When I’m fasting which I do daily as an intermittent fasting practice for multiple reasons (see my blog The Fasted Artist to read and understand this further!), my body does not receive calories or any protein during a certain window, aside from the occasional BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids, derived from protein sources). So, when it comes to breaking this fast, it is vital that the first meal contain a complete* and satisfying protein source that will kick my body into gear for the day.

Since one free-range large egg contains roughly 6 grams of protein, and since my male 20-something human vehicle can handle between 30-50g of protein in a sitting, I will often have 4 eggs in this daily break-fast (excluding days where I am on the road or y’know ran out of eggs because they so good!), usually accompanied by legumes in some form, and occasionally an ethically-sourced goats cheese, kicking up protein numbers into 30-40g territory.

And if for some reason I couldn’t get my eggs in the morn, well best believe “Brinner” (breakfast for dinner) is on the menu before I start that sweet fasting window again.

Reason #2 – Fats.

I’ll start this reasoning with a statement you need to hear if you haven’t– FAT is not the enemy. Not all types of fat are good, we can agree there, BUT there is a reason the term “good fats” exist and we are very lucky. They are all around us.

Good fats are in avocados; good fats are in nuts, and good fats are of course in free range eggs.

More specifically, an egg yolk (the yellowy part if we’re shamin’ the layman here) is chock full of good fats AND cho

pped full of reasons why I specifically break my fasts with eggs whenever I can. Many people in the fitness community will agree with me on this and the above statements about protein, however, they will add that “yo, bruh, only need 1 or 2 yolks. Bruh.”

While I am just playing that character/approach up for my own amusement, these gymsters have a point; when the priority is protein for muscle synthesis and carbs for higher energy, stronger recovery rate, and overall growth, why then would we leave our yolks in instead of the bin? (or the family dog? Shoutout to my own.)

Simple. Your brain.

The human brain, and many animal brains need good fats to function optimally. And guess what operates our body? At work? At that social gathering? At the gym? Your brain. And it gets the love, just like those important muscles do, from eggs.

To understand more about this, I highly recommend Dave Asprey’s book Head Strong detailing much more about this than I can in a blog. Needless to say, the guy has done a LOT of research.

Reason # 3 – Variety is the spice of life.      

I like to say most cliches exist for a reason. Because they are so true, they pop up everyday .

Well I’m sliding one under the door to you right now to prove a point, take it or leave it.

Variety is the spice of life. And eggs are no egg-ception. Because if you don’t know how versatile an egg can be in the kitchen, have you really been experimenting i.e. living?

You’re right, I’m probably egg-xaggerating BUT the truth is an egg can be prepared in a variety of ways that allows us to maintain the consistency of enjoying daily whilst not hurling the full dozen at the kitchen wall along with our heads! And this is important for your brain and your body alike– whether you want to see change in your body, your mental comprehension and execution of tasks, or even emotional health when it comes to loving your lifestyle vs. despising repetition (which I personally do to some degree), eggs are the sneaky hack that get you the same nutritional benefits in a masterful MULTITUDE of delivery disguises. Here we go.

Fried – Simple. Efficient. All you need is a frying pan and a spatula (SIDE NOTE: in the lovely language of German, spatula translates to “kitchen friend”. I think we can all agree that’s hilarious.)

Scrambled – If you mess up #1, quickly go nuts with your kitchen friend and turn into a mixture at a medium to low heat. Done. Don’t add any unnecessary dairy though. Better with some Himalayan pink rock salt & pepper, turmeric (reduces inflammation in the human body and absorbs better with pepper), some spinach leaves, and even red & green capsicums (bell peppers for the ‘Mericans and Canadia dwellers).

Omelette – Following a similar recipe to the above, but rather than going-to-town on your eggs in the pan, combine and whisk beforehand. Use an appropriate pan that you can fit your Kuchen Freunde under and BAM! Multi-egg delivery system. You may also like to add sliced mushrooms or even some goat’s cheese.

Poached Eggs – Bring a pot of water to a simmer (i.e. nooot boiling), add some Himalayan salt and a tablespoon of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, then crack your eggs in. If you like your yolks “runny”, don’t leave these in too long. 

Crepe style – Similar to the omelette delivery except don’t add in your sweet greeny goodness whilst whisking, instead pour in a flat pan, then when it’s looking like it’s ready to wrap stuff up, y’know like a wrap, lay out your chopped veggies in the middle and roll or fold it closed. Easy!

Boiled – Boil water. Put uncracked egg in it. Cook. Don’t forget about it. Peel it. Eat it. (nice on some leafy greens)

Raw! – Yep, don’t cook ‘em. This isn’t for everyone and you do so at your own decision, BUT raw egg protein for most people is completely fine. I have been known for my raw egg shakes, including organic coconut oil, cinnamon, blueberries, a peeled frozen banana, and on training days, a cheeky bit of honey. Golden.

There are DEFINITELY more ways to consume this tasty tricks BUT the above seven ways are my personal favourites. One for each day of the week, and if you want to be all Bruce Lee about it (and I’m paraphrasing), “keep what works for you, remove what doesn’t.”

These are my three simple but transformative reasons why I, The Fasted Artist, more often than not start my feeding window with free range eggs. We’re animals and we’ve been eating eggs for thousands of years. At least now, we can do it in a self-aware and conscious way that doesn’t hurt beautiful birds or interrupt their wellbeing for our own, but rather seek a sustainable future for food and co-existing species. That is the ultimate egg-xistence.

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