Message to our customers

COVID-19 Notice

We know that things are quickly changing and product availability levels may vary from time to time.
But we assure you that we are continuing to supply Coles Supermarkets with Lucky Chicken Eggs while ensuring
the safest practices are put in place for our team members and our lucky free range chickens.

5 star Home Living

Our chickens aren’t just free-range — they’re enjoying an enriched range, living it up with adventure playground structures, activity games, sandpits, perching spots, and ample shaded areas, designed to complement a hen’s natural instincts to roam, roost, perch and peck.

Antibiotic Free No Added Hormones

We believe antibiotics are only for illnesses. And hormones — they’re just plain scary. So it goes without saying that our hens are 100% free from unnatural enhancements – because when you’re healthy, you’re happy.


We want our chickens to be the happiest hens in the world — so we won’t settle for anything less than providing them with the best welfare standards possible.

We’re proud to be exclusively available at Coles Supermarkets across Australia

100% Recyclable

Australian Egg Corporation


Lucky Chicken Eggs