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 There’s a lot of contradictory information regarding what’s free-range and what’s not. Well, we’ve made it easy for you by being one of the few egg producers in Australia endorsed and accredited by the RSPCA.


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Our chickens aren’t just free-range — they’re enjoying an enriched range, living it up with adventure playground structures, activity games, sandpits, perching spots, and ample shaded areas, designed to complement a hen’s natural instincts to roam, roost, perch and peck.

Antibiotic Free No Added Hormones

We believe antibiotics are only for illnesses. And hormones — they’re just plain scary. So it goes without saying that our hens are 100% free from unnatural enhancements – because when you’re healthy, you’re happy.


We want our chickens to be the happiest hens in the world — so we won’t settle for anything less than providing them with the best welfare standards possible.

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We’re proud to be exclusively available at Coles Supermarkets across Australia

RSPCA Accredited

100% Recyclable

Australian Egg Corporation


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