Our Exclusive Chat with TV Host and Health Expert – Jason Dundas!

24 Aug 2018

Jason Dundas’ story started with a humble upbringing in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. After landing a gig with MTV at 21-years-old, he went on to film in over 100 countries for Getaway, hosted the X-factor and some of the worlds biggest shows. He currently runs Dundas Media from LA and is passionate about health and fitness. We caught up with Jason to chat about all things health, success and you guessed it – EGGS!


What would you say have been the highlights of your career?  
  •  I would say hosting the X Factor was one because for me it represents the pinnacle of TV hosting and I entered into the craft with the goal of reaching the top and that is a live format with a TV audience, a massive budget with a single host that guides the whole show. To me that is the pinnacle of TV Hosting and the fact that someone called me up and asked if I want to do it – it really was just reaching the top level that I always wanted.
  • When I was 27 years old, spending all my money and quitting the Aus market on a whim and almost going broke then landing a job in New York which has kind of changed my life.
  • Third was, I took two months off getaway in 2008 to study at theatre school. It cost 25k all up, the trip, but I thought I could be a better host if I was more natural, so I figured if I was going to do it I would go full throttle. At the HB Studio in the West Village and 6 days a week. As a host, you learn to be authentic, completely slow down and command the moment.


What do you attribute to your success?

I think it all starts with growing up the western suburbs in Sydney and having a chip on my shoulder. Having an ‘I can do what I want’ mentality has really given me drive. I am stubborn and hate being told what to do, so I want to defy the odds all the time. I have chronic ADD so I constantly need to solve problems and be making things happen. Which is why I love tennis, you know, it isn’t verse one on the course it’s one in between your ears, it really is a mental game. And a never give up persistence is the key to success.


How much do health and well-being play a part in your life? 

I got shredded when I worked with David Jones as an ambassador and it taught me that being fit and healthy can help you get razor sharp focus. After that, I went and studied at the world’s largest nutrition school for a year to be a holistic health coach, then I did a course to be a certified PT. After all of that, I learnt the biggest thing is moderation, I live a nice little balance. I also really need sleep every night, 8 hours.

What would be your top tips for healthy living? 

These are two super simple steps to get started. The first thing is to start with liquid. Whatever you do, for 8 weeks the only liquid you can put in your body is water. That is the easiest barrier to entry into health. No juice, no smoothies, just water and it might be a pain, but it will give you just enough discipline to make other changes. The next step, if you can do it is to drop the bread.


Best mentality towards diet and a healthy lifestyle? 

Eating healthy and clean is super important, arm yourself with knowledge on why a certain food is good for you. The most important thing is to do our own research and read. At the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, I studied over 30 different dietary theories to learn what works for me is a balance. We need to look through the noise and find what works for ourselves. The overarching tip is to arm yourself with knowledge and do what works for you… don’t listen to everything and everyone out there.


How important are eggs in your diet and lifestyle?

I like eggs, they make me feel good, they are a great source of protein, I love omelettes and frittatas. I love experimenting with them and making different things. I make these frittata muffins, and I really experiment with them – with spinach and onion all different stuff and it is a really great protein snack. Also, If I am ever in a foreign country to be healthy and not be bulked down the safe bet is a clean omelette.


How have you incorporated wellbeing into your life?

I did, this thing called Muse. I went through a heavy breakup before I moved to Sydney for X-factor and I meditated twice a day, morning and night and it was really great. Then I realised I didn’t need it. And now I have realised that my meditation is when I am lifting weights or in the shower or cooking, walking my dog and using Photoshop. I don’t have to think too much, but I allow one part of my brain to chill. Also, flying is a good one for me.

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