Five Instagram Foodies You Need to Follow

13 Aug 2018

Eggs are delicious, nutritious and seriously vibrant!

Chefs and food bloggers all over the world are gracing our feeds with some of the most delicious looking meals we’ve ever seen, and some of these contain hearty, healthy, Happy Chicken Eggs.

From brunch, to dinner, to the finest ingredients for a pancake (see Leah Itsines cooking up a storm above), eggs are extremely versatile! We’ve found five food bloggers through Instagram who share enviable plates of egg deliciousness. Check them out below!




Leah Itsines is a creative cook and author who is on a mission to spread the message on what health and nutrition really means. She believes being “healthy” is enjoying your life and having a healthy and happy relationship with food. Her recipes contain wholesome ingredients and are easy to make, ranging from pasta dishes to DIY granola and little treats. Her website contains a tonne of great recipes, and so does her two cookbooks, including The Nourishing Cook, which aims to inspire healthy cooking.




A Melbourne-based foodie who specialises in gluten-free, pescetarian and FODMAP friendly meals, Georgia McDermott started her journey while studying at University and experiencing a number of health issues. Now a food stylist, food photographer, blogger, writer and social media manager, she has just released her first cookbook – FODMAP Friendly, with many recipes containing poached eggs such as above!




With simple, wholesome recipes, together with travel and family, we simply can’t get enough of Sprouted Kitchen’s feed. Sara Forte aims to incorporate “healthy-ish food that fits into your everyday life, using mostly produce, whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like”.  Many of her plates contain perfectly poached eggs and, together with simple, plant-based ingredients, make for the perfect meal.




Gather and Feast have really hit the nail on the head with beautiful food and simple recipes. From cakes and cookies to lasagnes and salad bowls, Ashley Alexander’s recipes contain just about every meal you could want. She makes simple salad bowls look impeccable, and her ingredient layouts remind us that we need a couple of good eggs to create the perfect cake! Her recipes are free and available on her website or eBook, which contains forty of her favourite recipes brought to life through stunning photography, such as above. Shall we gather our friends and get cookin’?



(@chef_guy_turland or @bondiharvest)

Guy Turland is a chef and host of the weekly cooking show, Bondi Harvest. Serving up local, fresh and seasonal produce from the East Coast in Santa Monica, his wholefood recipes are simply stunning! Inspired by the Bondi Beach lifestyle, his café is “run by a bunch of Aussies who love good food, great coffee, surfing, diving and being outdoors”. Bondi Harvest’s online presence also has some great health and travel tips, along with a bunch of recipes to suit any time of day and your favourites from his TV show. Many of his pictures have us salivating at the mouth! Time to hit the LA coast, perhaps?

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